Three Pronged Cleanning System to Insure 100% Purity

Most of the products we deal with (paprika, ginger, turmeric) are directly exposed to the weather during its post harvest sun drying processing phase. Although sun drying has no carbon foot print and causes no harm on the environment, a downside is the presence of dust carried by the wind present alongside the process.

Sun dried raw materials usually arrive to our processing facilities covered in a thin layer of dust which has to be removed. The usual approach in other industries is to wash the raw materials but this would risk increasing the risk of molds proliferation due to higher humidity if another drying phase is not made, which renders higher production costs. Other approaches need to be considered. In this case, such task was resolved by speeding up the dust particles in order to separate them from the raw materials and the final product by gravity.

One particle of domestic house dust is formed on average by bacteria, fungi, pollen, hair, skin fragments, bits of salt, sand and rocks. Open spaces and outdoors dust particles are composed differently but not significantly different hence it is a must to get rid of dust particles that adhere to the raw materials during the sun drying process.

Although dust particles are affected by gravity laws, they are affected in a different way than to paprika, turmeric or ginger powder particles. Using this insight gained through years of experience, a three pronged cleaning system was designed and installed in order to insure 100% raw material cleanliness and purity.

The first cleaning point is at the very start of the production process. “Cleaning and Selection” is the first phase where dust and strange objects like stones are removed. The raw material is placed on a rotating drum of several feet long that shakes it upside down making it sure the dust and other strange objects separates from the raw material.

Afterwards, the raw materials are placed on a conveyor belt in order to be handpicked and get rid of other strange object such as branches. At the end of the conveyor belt, the raw materials fall into a chopping block and is then put into a second rotating drum that also separates the dust from the raw materials and is then absorbed out by fans.

After this phase, the milling follows. By this time, around 98% of the dust has been separated but some of it still remains. It is at this point, when the raw materials have already become powder that we are able to extract the remaining dust during the bagging process, allowing us to market 100% pure natural food ingredients.

Because of the 40 mesh size, raw material particles will fall faster leaving dust particles on top and going upwards due to the steady gas flow created in the bags while being filled from top to bottom. The remaining 2% dust particles are extracted out of the system yielding 100% pure raw materials powder inside de packaging chosen by our business partner.

A well designed and maintained system is required in order to keep the dust away from the raw materials and we are constantly running tests on finished products to certify the absence of any strange material that would affect the quality and innocuity of our products.