Our Company

High Quality Natural Food Ingredients Designed to Fit Our Partners´ Needs…

Our company first started operations in 2005 with exportation of Peruvian Beans to USA. We then started implementing additional, diverse products such as Paprika, Ginger, Quinoa, Garlic, etc. Currently we rely on our fabrication plant located in Ica, Peru, 300 km south of Lima, where you can also find our laboratory and quality control area that ensure adherence to our certifications and parameters, that allow us to provide high quality products that have a high standard of consistency, which allow the confidence of our clients to keep working with us.


Each and every step of the production flow is been carefully observed and analyzed in order to avoid any sort of contamination. Internal and external audits are frequently run in order to ensure all quality control steps are being understood and followed.


Our processing facilities are HACCP certified and have been designed to give us the flexibility needed to meet the different specifications our partners may require such as color, mesh size, aroma, flavor, packaging size and last-minute supply requests at highly competitive prices.

Quality Control

Our In House Lab gives us the freedom to control the product quality at any stage of the production flow, guaranteeing the Quality of our Natural Food Ingredients from the start until they are delivered.


To satisfy the needs of our global clients with a high diversity of natural food ingredients according to their needs, through defined quality control processes, generating confidence and long term relationships.


To become a highly competitive and leading company to guarantee the sustained growth of suppliers, business’ partners and itself.